Dashboards & Reporting

Comprehensive business intelligence functionality that supports data visualization and data discovery as well as management & budget variance reporting. And, with the Essatto Excel Add-In functionality, you can retain existing spreadsheets.


Do you have this challenge?  

  • My users want to analyse their data without always needing my help.

  • We have a lot of managers, submitted budgets are often inconsistent, consolidating data centrally and adding revisions from executives is time consuming and difficult.

  • We don't capture key business drivers only dollars, and we do not budget in as much detail as we need for variance analysis.

Would this add value?  

  • Self-service data analysis and discovery via browser

  • Self-service report and dashboard sharing via browser

  • Quick and easy access to answers = happy users

  • Submit budgets with a click - minimal training for Excel users and leveraged Excel flexibility

  • Keep existing spreadsheets and logic but capture the key metrics whilst reducing key man risk and capture 'Excel only' data when transitioning to a replacement system.

Essatto Dashboards & Reports

Essatto standard Dashboards & Reports provides users with an instant visual representation of their data and KPIs in one place, saving valuable time (and money). Effective dashboard will display data from different teams and departments like DevOps, marketing, sales, support and finance and will ultimately allow users to drill down into the specific need and pain point of each department.

Odoo • Text and Image
Odoo • Image and Text

Essatto Analyser

Essatto Analyser provides a modern, highly interactive, and intuitive web-based interface for business users to discover and explore virtually any data within Essatto. With a full spectrum of analytics tools, users can create reports and dashboards as well as visualise and analyse data across multiple dimensions without dependence on IT or developers. Essatto provides a secure, scalable and governed analytics for your business.

Essatto provides a depth of reporting options with Essatto Analyser, direct bi-directional Excel connectivity and the option to access your data via third party BI tools such as Microsoft Power BI.

Essatto offers self-service dashboard capabilities to business users. Essatto users can connect to a variety of external data sources and easily create dashboards using drag-and-drop functionality. The Essatto Security is very granular. For example, user access can be limited to specific products, customers, accounts and scenarios.


Odoo • Image and Text
Odoo • Image and Text

 Essatto Excel key features

  • Essatto Excel Add-In is an easy to use the add-in to Microsoft Excel that allows direct querying and write-back to the Essatto data warehouse.

  • Manage Essatto Excel worksheet distribution and data access centrally and securely.

  • Create Pivot tables in Excel to visualise and analyse your data.

  • Create and store your confidential spreadsheet algorithms and pricing information within the Essatto database. These can be shared or hidden from users via specific worksheets within the workbook as required.  

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