Complement Odoo with Essatto

Essatto with the pre-built Odoo Connector allows Odoo users

to extend their reporting and analysis to analyse the past and visualise the future.

Odoo Data Connector

The Essatto pre-built Odoo Connector provides seamless Odoo integration. Essatto provides users with the ability to bring data in from multiple source systems including other ERP's and operational systems allowing for one go-to source for all your information - current and historical.

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Enhanced Forecasting

The Essatto budgeting and forecasting capabilities include bottom-up forecasts from an individual customer, Item/SKU and top-down including whole company, channel and product categories. Users can create multiple what-if scenarios and generate full budget/actual/variance reporting views.

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Extended Dashboards and Excel Reporting

Essatto Dashboards enables the development of custom dashboards and reports and includes the option to integrate third-party BI tools such as PowerBI.

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Analyse The Past. Visualise The Future.

Essatto can help you to make more informed decisions across financial and business operations within a single and flexible cost effective application. Watch an overview here.


How Essatto for Odoo works.

With Essatto you can analyse historical sales, forecast future sales, and analyse data from both internal and external data sources. 

Odoo Experience 2020

Essatto for Odoo will be presenting at Odoo Experience 2020 with live demonstrations.  Click the link below to watch the demonstrations, and hear more about Essatto for Odoo.

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